An integrated approach to web based applications.

Through our Turnkey Solutions element^n brings together our market leading technology platform, our proven methodology and our world class people to provide you with a completely integrated approach to delivering your web based applications. From design and development through deployment and evolution, our Turnkey Solutions function as a seamless whole. No longer will you need to knit together different teams of people and multiple software packages to deliver your applications.

KIOSK: Mobile Operator Customer Self Care Web Solution

A web based account management solution that puts access and control into the hands of post-paid, pre-paid and corporate subscribers and multi-line account managers including features like online bill management, service provisioning and plan migration.


An integrated set of web applications that address common gaps in traditional telecom operation support software including solutions for call centers, sales outlets, network and marketing departments.

A secure enterprise service that combines the scalability of the cloud with the simplicity of JavaScript.

element^n intranet

A lightweight and affordable intranet with standard features such as user directory, news, FAQs, and surveys. Built over Autoforms Portal and CMS frameworks.