What is scriptr.io?

scriptr.io is a cloud-based backend for IoT, mobile, and web applications. It provides a comprehensive suite of easy-to-use web services for device management, identity management, business logic, orchestration, persistence, and messaging with the simplicity of JavaScript.
While the Internet of Things (IoT) has dramatically expanded opportunities for developers and makers, it also presents a number of logistical challenges. IoT devices are usually constrained by limited processing capability and memory, making it nearly impossible to code complex integrations and business logic. These limitations need back-end services and be exposed to devices as APIs.

What can scriptr.io offer?

  • POWERFUL PERSISTENT STORAGE: scriptr.io allows you to easily and securely store all your project's data.
  • EASILY CALL ANY REMOTE WEB SERVICE: Orchestrate & mashup third party web services into your scriptr.io APIs to use from your IOT device.
  • A SIMPLE URL TO CALL FROM ANYWHERE: Simple and secure URL to call from any device or platform.


Communication between devices and scriptr.io is secure. Access to resources is controlled by revocable tokens.

Send alert notifications to any iOS or Android device through our easy to use Push Notifications API.

Through an easy to use web interface or API invocation, you can schedule your scripts to run as background jobs on specific timestamps or recurring intervals.