We are interested in consumer mobile apps, or B2B SaaS applications.

We look for projects that have already launched and attracted early adopters. We don't invest cash, but we invest a lot of time, providing business & engineering resources and proven implementation capability.

We take a combination of equity, revenue-share and/or service fees. We select our portfolio projects based on their potential to generate a revenue growth opportunity for our cloud platform Apstrata.

Our programs:

Apstrata pioneer

This includes mostly startups or incumbent companies with sufficient capital and internal teams that want to develop their production offering on apstrata but need our expertise and support. In this case, we are typically compensated for our efforts with professional-services and platform fees.

Joint startup

Many entrepreneurs with great ideas and funding are looking for more than support. They recognize the difficulty in building world-class engineering teams and don't want to compromise their business model by trying to do everything by themselves. ElementN accelerator is an ideal partner, we can act as the startup's engineering team, bringing resources as needed in and out of a project and shortening release cycles and time-to-market.

Internal startup

This program is reserved to our current or former senior employees who would like to become entrepreneurs in residence.